Alex Cooper Auctioneers
Bldg. 1150 Luke Air Force Base
FBOP Administration Building
VAMC Office Administration Bldg 71
Manna House
Roberta’s House, Family Grief Support Center
401 Woodbourne Avenue
Meridian Square
Auction House
Bright Meadows Clubhouse
VAMC Building 80 Renovation
River’s Crossing Clubhouse
Yorkewood Clubhouse
The League for People with Disabilities
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
JHU Broadway Research Building
VAMC Rehabilitation Treatment Center
Veterans Administration Medical Centers
Sweetheart Cup Company
St. John Properties
Schindler Group
Harford County Highways Administration
Harford County DPW
Great Northern
AOC Bag House Capitol Power Plant
28 Walker Avenue
Stony Run Quaker Meeting House